Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gaint Panda Facts

Giant pandas are native to China and  their scientific name is
Ailuropoda melanoleuca.
Did you know that  giant panda cubs can weigh up to 150 kg.
Also all the species of panda in China are endangered this means that there are not many of them left. Read on to find out more…

Where do they live?
They live in the mountain ranges central of Sichuan, China.

What do Giant Pandas eat?
A Panda's diet mainly contains bamboo and it is a fact that they must eat 12-38kgs.
Of bamboo leaves and stems a day because bamboo has not much nutrition. Did you know that  sometimes Pandas will eat meat like Pikas and small rodents.

How did the the Giant Panda become endangered ?
The giant Panda is endangered there  are only about 1000-2000 living in the wild. The reason for this is because hunters are accidentally killing the giant panda and it is also because their loss of habitat.

How do Giant pandas take care of their babies?
Mum pandas usually have 1 or 2 cubs every 2 years.  It is very uncommon for a mum panda to give birth that takes  3 hours.Panda cubs are dependent and born blind so they can’t see.
Why do pandas have sharp teeth?
Giant Pandas have 42 sharp teeth so that they can chomp on bamboo stems.

In my opinion I think giant pandas are very interesting, clever animals so next time you think of giant pandas remember they have 42 teeth, they eat bamboo, they are endangered because of habitat loss and hunters and they must eat 12-38kgs of bamboo everyday.