Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kauri 89s Camp Omatua Trip 2016.

February 22nd to the 24th is when kauri hub 89 went to camp.
We had heaps of fun going tubing and things if you want to find out more keep reading.
One of my favorite experiences would have to be tubing down the river because it was  cool and refreshing. Some people even slide down the mudslide whoosh splat into the river. I just stuck with floating down the river. Tam (one of the parents) came up with a cool idea to tie a bit of yellow rope to the tube so that I didn't float away. I floated down a few times then it was morning tea! On the plate it was overflowing with food like biscuits, fruit, cake and other things.  We scoffed it down and then swam some more in the river for about… 5 minutes so we made the most of it. “Time to get out Mr Ford yelled,”.20160222_154452.jpg

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