Friday, August 28, 2015

The Spooky Slide

the spooky slide by Astella

Slowly wheeling down to the steps where you go down the extremely high slide asking myself  is it going to be fun or scary???!!!I wasn't sure as I stepped up one step  then I gulped as I walked up the rest of the steps. Dad was helping me(if you don't realize dad was wanting me to go down but he had to force me down because I didn’t want to go!!! and I had to go I wanted to go to prove I wasn’t a pussy ).  Yes I’m going to do this,  its time to face my fear. Woosh I went down screaming as if i was watching a horror movie.

Dad can I do that again...


By Astella Is that spooky or what!!!???
hi everyone  I,m a member of rm 20 and the meaning of this writing is because our class needed to do a snap shot of something good or bad I chose bad and just letting you know  was this was a true story hope you enjoyed it

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