Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Art and Meaning inspiration is Shane Hansen

My Art. My art means this:
This artwork is inspired by Shane Hansen we used his  theme of nature. The blue waves represent our school pool that we have fun in when it's  summer. The koru shows the grass is our landmark pakis paddock. The tree is our Parkvale tree that represents that I'm a student at this school. The tui means that i'm in tui house. Lastly the sun shining brightly means that we are all happy at this school.

By Astella

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kayaking Recount

the kayak

Woosh woosh as the paddle goes zoom into the lake.
Will I tip over the kayak because most people say that it is 50% chance that I could tip over.
I hope I will make it…. well I think it will be ok because I Have Miss Hill  is in the kayak with me but it's still creepy so im just going to make sure that I will go snail's pace. But Every time I go in the kayak  fear goes away so I finally zoom around like my kayaks in a race. Until we have to swap kayaks in the middle of the lake soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary but luckily I made it.  now i'm in the kayak with Rebecca  but after a little while it gets ice cold so I’m gonna get out of the kayak.
As I Get out of the kayak I glance up at Dad, he smiles back.
I think he was proud.
“Wow we got our own private lake to have the kayaks and this experience on.”


Friday, August 28, 2015

Maitldas Cancer Battle (my homework).

What happened:

Matilda Kersjes is a 7 year old cancer kid who took place in a Tough Gal Challenge. She tries to be strong as she is having a treatment were all her hair will fall out. She is at have-lock north primary school. She was diagnosed with  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia cancer and she says that it has been “crazy these few weeks”.

Where it happened:

Matilda lives in have-lock, but was flown up to star-ship hospital.

Who was involved:
Family,friends, her three brothers, doctor blaine stride

Why did  it happen:
It happened by natural cause

When did it happen:

2 weeks ago she had symptoms such as vomiting, bruises and red spots.

Interesting Facts:

Matilda was diagnosed with an enlarged liver and spleen, and was then told she has a tumor on her chest.

She has had a rough year, back in February she almost drowned being dragged 20 meters out to sea.
This is a picture of Maitlda. This was my homework that I have done as we had to resrhech an article in the news paper or site and get the key facts.

Dear Humans.....

Dear Humans….
zoo animals el.

Why do you  keep us in a cage when we want to be free  NOT for SHOW!!!!
I mean would want to be away from your mummy. It's like being kidnaped except from the
people you love.

Our Habitat ,ok humans about our habitat. Thankyou for all the food and things,but me and all my kind and I bet all the other species want this too, we want to fight for our natural habitat.
Us animals in cages don't get to do the things we love, like swinging from tree to tree,making friends,and picking fruits off trees by yourself.

So there you go humans don't keep us animals in a CAGE!!!

From Monkey Hastings zoo.

Lipstick Invention

Why I made this: well this was for our home work (we had to do something thats an invetion

Poem Master Chef

Sense Poem Master chefs

Our meals makes me nervous.
The kitchen  smells like somebody was making dough.
The  judges are munching as they are trying our food.
The dramas heating up.
Something bitter as Miss Hill tries it.
Were not going well.

by Astella

A Poem about Fear

my poem about fear.
Fear is the color hot pink like the sunset on a beach.
It tastes like vomit as  if you were on a roller coaster.
It smells like the green meadows with flowers.
It looks like somebody picking somebody new they don't know.

It sounds like cars driving on a dark street.
it feels like fear.....

The Spooky Slide

the spooky slide by Astella

Slowly wheeling down to the steps where you go down the extremely high slide asking myself  is it going to be fun or scary???!!!I wasn't sure as I stepped up one step  then I gulped as I walked up the rest of the steps. Dad was helping me(if you don't realize dad was wanting me to go down but he had to force me down because I didn’t want to go!!! and I had to go I wanted to go to prove I wasn’t a pussy ).  Yes I’m going to do this,  its time to face my fear. Woosh I went down screaming as if i was watching a horror movie.

Dad can I do that again...


By Astella Is that spooky or what!!!???
hi everyone  I,m a member of rm 20 and the meaning of this writing is because our class needed to do a snap shot of something good or bad I chose bad and just letting you know  was this was a true story hope you enjoyed it

Monday, April 20, 2015

emotion poem-lonliness

Our Poem about Loneliness.

Loneliness is dark blue like the night sky.
It taste like burnt toast bits.
It smells like the damp and cold mornings.
It looks like the rain falling from the sky.
It sounds like somebody weeping.
It feels like being abandoned in a maze.

why i made this: today i had to make an emotion poem with room 19 enjoy :) Astella and Janine (my buddy) we made the poem.