Friday, September 2, 2016

Quicwain Poem-Dolphin


                Playful , gentle

        Speeding ,swimming , leaping

        Shiny headed, sea mammal


Friday, June 10, 2016

Animal Enclosure

My Creature is a Tarsier

Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
What it eats and drinks, how i'm going get the food and put it in.
Something to keep it entertained and give  it exercise also how it's going to sleep  because it sleeps with it's mother until it's old enough to hunt   needed trees to play on.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
My pet has monkey bars to play on and a bed that hangs up by rope

What I am pleased about: that I choose an interesting creature and had some special features it was a good creature because nobody knew much about it. Through this challenge we had to persevere when it got hard also we had used our absorption muscle and were really absorbed in our work.

What I have found tricky:
One of the things that I found tricky was having to hang up the bed by rope. It took lots  of  time and tape I had to make sure the rope wouldn't come out of the tape eventually I got it right.

What I would like to improve:  bringing my  equipment on time  and being more organised because there was paint every where. Next time we should do something to stop this from happening. Also answering my questions  faster so I have more information about my animal.



Wind Power Debate

The wind power debate.
Are Wind Turbines a good form of power?
Good reasons
  • Turbines don't create pollution like other energy.
  • They  don't make that much noise.
  • If something cut the power lines and you have a wind turbine you might not lose your power.
  • They save carbon dioxide being pumped into the hemisphere.
  • not many birds get hit by the wind turbines in NZ.
Bad reasons
  • They can be a bit noisy.
  • If they are placed in the wrong place  birds will get hit by the turbines .
  • Vehicles will go past them regularly
  • Uses power to make power

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gaint Panda Facts

Giant pandas are native to China and  their scientific name is
Ailuropoda melanoleuca.
Did you know that  giant panda cubs can weigh up to 150 kg.
Also all the species of panda in China are endangered this means that there are not many of them left. Read on to find out more…

Where do they live?
They live in the mountain ranges central of Sichuan, China.

What do Giant Pandas eat?
A Panda's diet mainly contains bamboo and it is a fact that they must eat 12-38kgs.
Of bamboo leaves and stems a day because bamboo has not much nutrition. Did you know that  sometimes Pandas will eat meat like Pikas and small rodents.

How did the the Giant Panda become endangered ?
The giant Panda is endangered there  are only about 1000-2000 living in the wild. The reason for this is because hunters are accidentally killing the giant panda and it is also because their loss of habitat.

How do Giant pandas take care of their babies?
Mum pandas usually have 1 or 2 cubs every 2 years.  It is very uncommon for a mum panda to give birth that takes  3 hours.Panda cubs are dependent and born blind so they can’t see.
Why do pandas have sharp teeth?
Giant Pandas have 42 sharp teeth so that they can chomp on bamboo stems.

In my opinion I think giant pandas are very interesting, clever animals so next time you think of giant pandas remember they have 42 teeth, they eat bamboo, they are endangered because of habitat loss and hunters and they must eat 12-38kgs of bamboo everyday.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kauri 89s Camp Omatua Trip 2016.

February 22nd to the 24th is when kauri hub 89 went to camp.
We had heaps of fun going tubing and things if you want to find out more keep reading.
One of my favorite experiences would have to be tubing down the river because it was  cool and refreshing. Some people even slide down the mudslide whoosh splat into the river. I just stuck with floating down the river. Tam (one of the parents) came up with a cool idea to tie a bit of yellow rope to the tube so that I didn't float away. I floated down a few times then it was morning tea! On the plate it was overflowing with food like biscuits, fruit, cake and other things.  We scoffed it down and then swam some more in the river for about… 5 minutes so we made the most of it. “Time to get out Mr Ford yelled,”.20160222_154452.jpg

Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Art and Meaning inspiration is Shane Hansen

My Art. My art means this:
This artwork is inspired by Shane Hansen we used his  theme of nature. The blue waves represent our school pool that we have fun in when it's  summer. The koru shows the grass is our landmark pakis paddock. The tree is our Parkvale tree that represents that I'm a student at this school. The tui means that i'm in tui house. Lastly the sun shining brightly means that we are all happy at this school.

By Astella

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kayaking Recount

the kayak

Woosh woosh as the paddle goes zoom into the lake.
Will I tip over the kayak because most people say that it is 50% chance that I could tip over.
I hope I will make it…. well I think it will be ok because I Have Miss Hill  is in the kayak with me but it's still creepy so im just going to make sure that I will go snail's pace. But Every time I go in the kayak  fear goes away so I finally zoom around like my kayaks in a race. Until we have to swap kayaks in the middle of the lake soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary but luckily I made it.  now i'm in the kayak with Rebecca  but after a little while it gets ice cold so I’m gonna get out of the kayak.
As I Get out of the kayak I glance up at Dad, he smiles back.
I think he was proud.
“Wow we got our own private lake to have the kayaks and this experience on.”